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Simon is a world leading director of television commercials based in London. He's been a filmmaker for over 20yrs, has shot award-winning short films, music videos, branded content and, most recently, a debut feature documentary.


Working with a host of clients from global brands to kitchen table charities, he's built a reputation as a top tier director, as well as an accomplished cinematographer and editor of short and long form films.

As a cinematic  storyteller with a unique documentary style, his gift for capturing human emotion and the beauty of the everyday has won him plaudits throughout the film and advertising industries and a plethora of creative awards.

Known for his creative energy, collaborative spirit and acute understanding of brand needs, his distinctive, hands-on approach continues to produce work that is conceptually driven, client focused and world class. 



Creative Review - One To Watch

Campaign - Top Ten Directors and 'A' List

APA, British Arrows and British Arrows Craft Awards Juries

ThinkBox. CraftWorks, Shots, Adweek, Televisual, AdAge, Best Ads on TV, Ads Of The World



Multiple D&AD's, Cannes Lions, Creative Circle, British Arrows Gold and Silver, APA Collection

Kinsale Sharks, LIA, Drum, Clio, Epica and New York Festivals Awards.

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